Market Maker is a mysterious organization that controls Cremona from the shadows of society. Its members serve as the main antagonists in B: The Beginning.



Market Maker was founded by Albert Puzo who was the head of the Jaula Blanca Royal Scientific Research Institute during the late 1900s-2000s. At the time, the King had decided to pull funding from the organization, which would've caused them to cut Jaula Blanca's experiments in reviving the 13 winged progenitors.To alleviate this problem, Albert made a suggestion to the king to use the 'Reggies' (who were back then known as the Promised Ones) as a secret government task force meant to control the peace and chaos of the country. The king agreed and this task force eventually became known as 'Market Maker.'

Jaula Blanca Attack

When Albert Puzo died (as a result of being killed by his own son, Gilbert Ross. Gilbert Ross took control of the organization under the name 'Regulus.' He then ordered Market Maker to launch an attack on the Jaula Blanca Research Institute to both kill Professor Heath Kazama Flick, the completed winged progenitors, and to capture Minatsuki (who was the only perfected Reggie) before he could be eliminated by the military.


All members of Market Maker have similar characteristics. The core of their main army are 'Reggies' who maintain normal cover jobs when they are not on duty. All of the Reggies wear clown make-up and have a tattoo of a blue skull tattooed on their right hands.

Known Members


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