Kanji イザナミ
Alias The Black Swan
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Age between 16 & 17
Gender female
Affiliation Market Maker
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Mitsuki Saiga
English Marianna Miller
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Izanami is a minor anti-hero character in B: The Beginning.


Izanami likes speaking in a dramatic wax poetic way. During battle, Izanami enjoys having fun attacking with a skateboard.

Despite Izanami's personality and appearance, Izanami gives off the impression of being the serious type.


Izanami is around 16-17 years old. has light pink hair and wears clown makeup that resembles Market Maker's logo.

Izanami normally wears a black jacket over an top unbuttoned white dress with different colored buttons and black gloves, and also wears non-matching striped socks.


Izunami was a student at the Jaula Blanca Institute along with Koku and Yuna. It seems she was friends with Koku during their time there. When the fire started at the Jaula Blanca Institute she joined up with 'Minatsuki' and stood by while he retrieved Yuna. Afterwards they ran into Mr.Flick in the hall and she stood by while he was stabbed by Minatsuki. Sometime after that she separates from Minatsuki and finds Mr.Flick's dying on the stairs and promise's him that she will keep him (Koku) safe. We don't see her again until the evens at the party in episode 2 where she attends the party disguised as an Oiran to confront Koku.

They later meet on the roof of the building and she tells him they will take him dead or alive.(referring to Makers Market) They fight and she escapes on a skateboard while being pursued by Koku. During the chase she receives a phone call and says "I will have my audience with the king at the grave of his father". This is referring to the abandoned Jaula Blanca Institute and Mr.Flick. She leads Koku into the mountains along Route 8. They later arrive at Lake Lenan with the institute in the background.

Izanami tells Koku that she saw his messages and goes on to say "out of all of us I'm the one who spent time with you, however briefly. There was even a time I lived only for you." She tells Koku that his memories have been altered and locked away and the person responsible for this is Koku himself. They fight and she tells him she'll never forgive him for not choosing her. She is cut multiple times during their fight before being fatally stabbed. Before she dies she tells Koku to take her leg, as it may be useful to him someday and that if he wants to find Yuna he must touch 'Canopus.'


Izanami is a breif childhood friend of Koku and long time member of Makers Market she is one of the first members we see die in the series and seems to know the most about him.


"Do yourself a favour and cut off my left leg. It'll be useful to you someday."

"Out of all of us I'm the only one who spent time with you however briefly"

"I'll never forgive you for not choosing me"



Izanami is a reference to the Japanese Creator Goddess "Izanami-no-Mikoto."


  • Izanami is one of the two-shrine maidens written in one of legends on the Jet-Black Epitaph. In the story told by Keith Flick to Koku, there are two maidens assigned to the Black-winged King. After becoming king, the two maidens came before him and asked him to decapitate one of them and take their powers.The maiden that the king chose was the sixth one which granted the king greater powers.This reflects the events at Lake Leann in episode 2, where right before Izanami dies, she tells Koku to take her left leg as it may become useful someday.


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